Amalfi Coast Holiday


Stretching over 70km, the Amalfi coastline is beautifully dramatic, with craggy coves and rocky inlets, all surrounded by stunning flora such as orange, lemon and olive groves, vineyards and colourful bougainvillea.
The legendary Amalfi Drive takes travellers on a hair-raising trip, with the winding road twisting precariously along the edge of the mountains, past towns clinging to the rocks, terraced gardens and bright bays dotting the shoreline. Visitors to the Amalfi Coast are rewarded with spectacular views out across the sparkling Mediterranean and delights around every corner.

If you are a fan of hot summer sunshine, the weather in the Amalfi coast during the summer will never disappoint. Resorts along the coast such as Positano, Ravello and Maiori bask in glorious sunshine from April to October. A cooling breeze can sometimes be felt cutting the edge from the intense heat, while the warm waters are perfect for swimming and the numerous water sports popular that are popular in this area. With temperatures still reaching over 15C in April, a holiday in the Amalfi Coast is perfect for that relaxing Easter break.